And now - a gallery of Friends of the Cardinals (or Disciples). If you wanna be one, and have your picture featured on our site, either mail a photo here OR come see us at a gig and we will oblige.

The stranger the pic, the more chance you have of getting on......Nakedness is positively encouraged !

Livvy's Gang Thumb
Carlos The Jackal Ian & Paula
Hollywood Skyrat Thumb
Skyrat-in-Vegas-thumb Robert Smithers

Los Cardenales

Boatman John
Andy & Suzi
Cardinals gals
Sue & Mark Bailey
Dave & Sara
Scotty Dog
Chewy Bankstock Thumb1
Jug n Barrel crew
Kirsty & Matt
Brother James Sister Diana Brother Alex
Hot Cardinalettes Brother & Sister Drunken monks on the razzle
Brother Mick Brother Deano
Brother Rob
Cazy legs Chris Sister Fiona brother Paul
Bothers Mark, Craig & Sister Pam JPG Cardinals famous fans Sisters Helen & Janey
Brothers Dan & Jonno Brother Ryan Saucy Sister Kirsty
Brothers Gary Jez Andy Mother Superior
Brother Dave & Sister Melanie
Sister Jane Sister Mandy Sister Karen
Sister Di & pals Sister Lynne Sister Raymer
Sisters Debbie, Annette, Cara &  Jean Sisters Cara & Kirsty Sisters Haley Lisa & Trogwina
Sister Tina
Sisters Lisa & Haley
Sister Annette
Friar Tuck
Brother Carl
Mother Superior and Novice Nun
Father Al
Sister Janey and Bizarre Brother Ian
Brother Andy